8-bit SBB Jingles

The Super Bailey Bros film podcast had a basic brand and theme, mimicking the 8-bit graphical & musical style of old videogames. Laurie devised a limited range of instruments and tones, then wrote a series of short jingles to introduce the podcast, separate segments and underscore certain features like charts or news items.

He also agreed to compose original, cheerful jingles for listeners who sponsored the podcast on Patreon, singing a short song including their name over the top of the music.

A selection of tracks from the Super Bailey Bros podcast (without the singing!), starting with the show’s main theme.


Highlights from popular remixes and rearrangements of game themes:

  • #1 (0:00 – 0:52) mimics Vangelis’s score for Bladerunner
  • #2 (0:53 – 2:04) is in the orchestral style of a Studio Ghibli film score.
  • #3 (2:05 – 3:04) uses synthwave in the vein of the Stranger Things 80s throwback soundtrack.
  • #4 (3:05 – 4:08) is a medieval take on the extremely well-known main theme from the Halo game series (~ 850,000 views on YouTube).
  • #5 (4:09 – 5:07) is a fast-moving solo piano piece based on a famous low-fi theme.
  • #6 (5:08 – 6:10) uses traditional Eastern instruments to reimagine a pop-style theme as an atmospheric piece (combines two parts).
  • Visit the Bookings page to enquire about hiring Laurie as a composer or arranger.