I’ve been composing music in various styles for about 15 years, mainly as a hobby, although one of my (more geeky) creations recently topped 1 million views on YouTube.

Depending on the project & budget, I can offer royalty-free original music services alongside production/editing/presentation bookings. Just let me know if you’d like an original, competitively priced soundtrack.

8-bit Jingles

My Super Bailey Bros film podcast had a brand and theme designed to mimic the 8-bit style of classic videogames – I therefore composed a series of short original jingles to match.

I also agreed to write & record original, cheerful jingles for listeners who sponsored our podcast on Patreon, singing a short song including their name over the top of the music… fortunately for you, no singing is included in the following medley:

Arrangements & Remixes

To keep my music arranging & production skills sharp (mainly via Logic Pro X), I’ve enjoyed re-imaging and re-mixing famous videogame themes to create completely new pieces of music in wide-ranging styles, including medieval folk, orchestral soundtrack, big band, synthwave and fingerpicked acoustic nylon guitar trios.

The medieval mixes have enjoyed particular success on YouTube, so are slightly over-represented in the medley below (follow the links to hear the original themes these pieces are based on). If you’re brave enough, the final clip features some ill-advised but nevertheless successful (i.e. funny) faux-classical vocals.

(NB – these are all compressed mp3s to avoid large file sizes; please Get in Touch if you need any higher quality examples).

I absolutely love being involved in musical projects, and adding my musical abilities to speech and production work. Please do visit Bookings/Contact to enquire about my composing and arranging services.