I have recently been commissioned to compose the soundtrack for an upcoming indie game. As James Laurence, I am now offering full freelance composing/music production services. Please do get in touch via the form on this website to make a music enquiry – a separate website will also be launching soon.

I’ve been writing music for over 15 years, originally as a hobby, with one of my (tongue-in-cheek) creations recently topping 2 million views on YouTube. The surprise popularity of this video seems to have contributed to the recent trend of medieval music remakes; I was even added to the knowyourmeme entry and original wikipedia entry for this.


I write the jingles for my podcasts, with the Super Bailey Bros in particular using the ‘8-bit’ style of classic videogames – here’s a quick medley of these!

Arrangements & Remixes

I have always enjoyed reimagining well-known melodies, and given my interest in using MIDI software to do this began in my early teenage years, many of my arrangements feature classic videogame melodies.

My James Laurence composer profile features the most recent re-arrangements, with the orchestral version of the Fall Guys main theme drawing praise from the game’s composer & development team, while LjB0 mainly features the medieval style covers that captured the viral zeitgeist of 2020. While many were made to quickly capitalise on the trend, I’m pleased with some of the arrangements (DOOM series composer Mick Gordon even commented on my version of ‘BFG Division’).

I absolutely love being involved in musical projects and adding this skill to my speech and production work. Visit Bookings/Contact to enquire about my composing and arranging services.