Showreels & highlights from my work in BBC Radio and podcasts as producer, presenter/host & editor.

Use the playlists below to listen to the full showreels (first up on the playlist), or to select specific clips.

BBC Highlights

Interviews, interaction, sketches, features & music presentation from all of my BBC Radio programmes to date.

  1. (FULL REEL) 2020 - General Laurie Bailey
  2. (CLIP) Live French Cooking (BBC Radio) Laurie Bailey
  3. (CLIP) Song Intro (BBC Radio) Laurie Bailey
  4. (CLIP) Bodyguard Supercut (BBC Radio) Laurie Bailey
  5. (CLIP) Leicester Square OB Interview (BBC Radio) Laurie Bailey
  6. (CLIP) 'David Attenborough' Presents a Quiz (BBC Radio) Laurie Bailey
  7. (CLIP) Floatation Tanks (BBC Radio) Laurie Bailey
  8. (CLIP) Richard Herring via Skype (BBC Radio) Laurie Bailey
  9. (CLIP) 'The IKEA Dance' (BBC Radio) Laurie Bailey
  10. (CLIP) Musicians & Carbon Footprints (BBC Radio) Laurie Bailey
  11. (CLIP) In Our Time/Just A Minute Mashup (BBC Radio) Laurie Bailey

Interview Highlights

Short clips from six of my long-form interviews for BBC Radio, featuring a mix of in-studio/tape sync/phone and live/pre-recorded instances.

  1. Jon Ronson (World-Renowned Journalist & Screenwriter) Laurie Bailey
  2. Natalia Tena (Game of Thrones & Harry Potter Actor) Laurie Bailey
  3. Gavin Free (YouTube superstar of The Slow-Mo Guys) Laurie Bailey
  4. Hannah Ireson (Floatation Tank Therapy Entrepreneur) Laurie Bailey
  5. Dan Gillespie Sells (The Feeling Lead Singer) Laurie Bailey
  6. Mark Haddon (Famed Author of The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Nighttime) Laurie Bailey

Film Showreel

Long form movie review, essay, sketch and feature content from my film podcast.

  1. (FULL REEL) 2020 - Film / Movies Laurie Bailey
  2. (CLIP) Baywatch Review (highlights) Laurie Bailey
  3. (CLIP) Eye Acting (essay/article) Laurie Bailey
  4. (CLIP) Studio Jingles Quiz (highlights) Laurie Bailey
  5. (CLIP) Pete's Dragon Review (highlights) Laurie Bailey
  6. (CLIP) After The Storm Review Laurie Bailey
  7. (CLIP) Rise Of Skywalker (comments) Laurie Bailey
  8. (CLIP) Review/Show Sketches (highlights) Laurie Bailey

More showreels on the way!

If you’d like to ask any questions about the clips featured on this page, or would like to have further examples, please get in touch with me via Bookings/Contact on this site.