General Showreel

Laurie Bailey – General Showreel 2019: BBC Radio interviews, show openers, chat + features.
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Highlights from six of Laurie’s BBC Radio interviews in the following order:

  • Award-winning journalist Jon Ronson of The Psychopath Test
  • Game of Thrones actress and Molotov Jukebox singer Natalia Tena
  • Black Honey lead singer Izzy Phillips
  • The Slow-Mo Guys YouTube megastar Gavin Free
  • The Feeling lead singer Dan Gillespie Sells
  • Best-selling author Mark Haddon of the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.
Laurie Bailey – Interview Highlights.


Laurie Bailey – Radio Features. Weekly or recurring, created and produced for BBC Radio.


Laurie Bailey – Chat & co-hosting. Highlights from Super Bailey Bros podcast.


Laurie & Phil – Sketch/skit Highlights from Super Bailey Bros podcast. Very popular with listeners.


Laurie & Phil – Email Highlights from weekly correspondence section of Super Bailey Bros podcast.

Film & Cinema

Laurie has 3 years’ experience as a weekly film, DVD, TV & events reviewer and commentator for BBC Radio and other outlets.

Laurie Bailey – Film Reviews for BBC Oxford (Dec 2018).
Laurie Bailey – Golden Globes for BBC Berkshire (Jan 2019).