Laurie presents Time Out with Laurie Bailey every Friday evening from 7-10pm for BBC Radio Oxford, and until Jan 2019 was their weekly film critic on Howard Bentham’s Drivetime show. He is also a regular film contributor and personality on BBC Radio Berkshire for Sarah Walker, Tony Blackburn and others.

In November 2015, after six years in marketing, Laurie started a move into media by creating a film podcast with his brother Phil – two and a half years later, he’d achieved an iTunes chart high of #8, written ten months of newspaper film columns, secured two weekly BBC Radio film slots, and interviewed three directors.

In May 2018, he was invited to plan and launch two brand new evening programmes for BBC Oxford: a 2-hour Wednesday evening programme showcasing a more modern playlist, then a 3-hour Friday evening arts, culture and entertainment programme from August.

Known for his warm and relatable voice, consistent creativity in production and engaging guest interviews, he is a recognised fast-rising talent in broadcasting.

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In Detail

Laurie fell in love with radio and podcasts when Adam & Joe’s BBC 6Music show helped him through an extremely difficult year. He realised entertainment programming had value far beyond distraction and fun, and resolved to give something back.

Having always enjoyed analysing, discussing and joking about films with his brother Phil, he decided to create the Super Bailey Bros film podcast as his starting point, alongside working as a freelance marketing consultant.

The podcast quickly attracted regular listeners and weekly interactions by email from a broad demographic, covering Marvel-obsessed teenagers to middle-aged Mars rover programmers. The highest iTunes chart position was #8 in UK TV & Film, and #1 many times in New & Noteworthy. Listeners enjoyed the podcast’s insight and funny, competitive dynamic between Laurie and Phil.

Just ten episodes in, BBC Radio Oxford took an interest and invited them to cover regularly for then-Drivetime film critic, James Luxford. Laurie then got the opportunity to write a weekly half-page film column for the county-wide The Oxford Paper from Taylor News, with the segment cross-published to the free Oxfordshire and Banbury Guardian papers, achieving a relatively wide readership.

Having become part of the London film screening circuit, Laurie made contacts with national film journalists and industry reps, and was soon invited to take over from James Luxford and become BBC Oxford’s weekly Drivetime film critic. He was also invited to contribute to BBC Radio Berkshire as an ad-hoc film commentator, monthly ‘Coffee Club’ panellist for Sarah Walker, and as regular cover for Tony Blackburn’s regular Friday morning film critic. Tony was so impressed that he even created a DVD, TV and local film events slot for Laurie on his Friday morning show, which ran every week for ten months in 2018.

Laurie also handled elements of the production and presentation of three Christmas film specials – two for BBC Oxford (with Al Ryan and Dave Gilyeat) and one for BBC Berkshire (with Tony Blackburn).

In the run-up to Easter 2018, Laurie and Phil were invited to present a 2-hour Bank Holiday special for BBC Radio Oxford, without any film content. The success of this programme led to Laurie’s invitation to launch BBC Oxford’s first brand new evening programme in May 2018.

Laurie produced and presented a weekly 2-hour evening programme every Wednesday evening until August 2018, when he was then asked to create, produce and present a brand new 3-hour arts, culture and entertainment programme, which continues to run every Friday evening, attracting a mix of celebrity and local interest guests.

Highlights include his interview with Gavin Free, YouTube megastar of the Slow-Mo Guys, renowned journalist Jon Ronson, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter actress Natalia Tena, and award-winning author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, Mark Haddon.

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