More or less the only good thing to come out of my experience of lockdown! I’ve had some success with my tongue-in-cheek arrangements of famous videogame themes in the last year, allowing me to invest more in my music projects.

I’m incredibly excited to say that I was recently commissioned to write & produce the whole soundtrack for Slime Heroes! An upcoming indie game where charming slimes finally get to take center stage. I am using the name James Laurence for my composing work.

My first job was to score the trailer for the game, which you can watch below via YouTube. I’ll be working on the project on and off over the next year, so make sure you add the game to your Steam wishlist! Watch out for new trailers and demos to hear more music.

I’m taking on more music jobs right now, including trailers, short films, games, jingles and adverts. Get in touch if you’d like me to work on your project!