Model and local superstar Addis Miller spoke with me – down the line from a photoshoot in Belgium! – on what it’s like being an Instagram influencer and carefully managing your own image.

For a young, entrepreneurially-minded model, it was fascinating to hear how wise he has been in navigating his career and contract choices so far. He was extremely aware of the dangers and short-term challenges of modelling and ‘influencing’ as a profession. Great advice for other young people considering this path.

Mat Roff, freelance videogame illustrator for Playstation Magazine amongst others, also joined me to discuss the impact of social platforms like Instagram and Twitter on the freelance creative community. Challenges like isolation, networking and the relentlessness of online profile maintenance made for interesting points.

I also tip the Adam Buxton podcast as my Christmas new media pick. Always unbeatable when Adam & Joe get back together!

Listen to the full programme online via BBC Sounds: